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ToffeeTunes: The Inaugural Edition (It's depressing though)

So a long while ago, Tom and I had this idea to create a weekly special that incorporated music into the weekly mood of the fans. We had many ideas, but in the end we thought the best would be to get a song that kind of summed up the last match or captured the general mood for the week.

We were very excited about this feature and were ready to do it last season but we never did because we were lazy (and by lazy I mean that we worked 70 hours a week in order to support our alcohol problem that was caused by Everton). I'm sure you understand.

I was actually going to write an inaugural one before the first match, but I decided against it because I knew people were going to complain to me about how pessimistic and depressing the songs were.

Also, do not make fun of the name. We know that ToffeeTunes is terrible, but we're sticking with it. It's going down with the ship.

The songs after the jump.

This week we are going to have two songs. A couple of people suggested the first one (Even I thought it was too depressing), and then I chose the second.

I will try not to constrain the music to one or a couple of genres, and try be as open as possible to all types of music. Though I tend to dislike certain genres over others, I believe that every genre has good music...if you look for it.

I will try to post up ToffeeTunes midweek usually, but I decided Sunday was better for this week because we have a Carling Cup tie in the middle of this week. Also, I am not a musical genius so any and all suggestions for songs are welcome. You can suggest via twitter to @sibsinexile or by commenting on posts (I try to go through as many as I can), but twitter is probably better. Anyone's suggestion that makes it to ToffeeTunes will get a shout out on here by the way.

And on to the songs!

Great song and extremely depressing lyrics. The original song was by the Nine Inch Nails, but Johnny Cash's rendition is haunting.

(Hat Tip to @Mtrible for the song suggestion)

I will let you down

I will make you hurt

If I could start again

a million miles away

I would keep myself

I would find a way

And the next song:

The lyrics are on the video, but I'll provide a snippet:

The emptiest of feelings

Disappointed people clinging on to bottles

And when it comes it's so so disappointing

Let down and hanging around

Crushed like a bug in the ground

Let down and hanging around