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Everton v QPR: Live GameThread

David Moyes gets up early. Brushes his teeth, takes a shower, and starts getting ready. He knows it is an important day. The squad needs to practice well because it's the last weekend before the season opener.

He goes to his desk to get some practice strategy notes he had jotted down earlier. He's sure that the 10 points written on a notepad will be the finishing touches for the training and will get the team over the top. With this, they will surely win the opener. He had allocated practice throughout the preseason perfectly. He knows that they will be ready this year. He just knows it.

Moyes takes a big yawn and walks down the stairs, gets his keys and walks out the door.  He drives straight to Finch Farm.

He drives into the parking lot and sees that there aren't too many people there, but thinks to himself, "I must just be early". 

Moyes walks through the gates.

"Hey John", he says to the gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper has a perplexed look on his face.

"Sir...what are you doing here?" the John the gatekeeper asks. 

Moyes: "What we do every day, John, getting ready for the big one next week".

Now exasperated, the gatekeeper asks "But sir, what about the match today?!?!"

Moyes: "Wha..huh? What are you tallki.................................................Shit"


(This story is completely fiction and is my imagination of what has happened the last decade or so. Please do not use this as fodder to start the MOYES OUT movement again.)

BUT...we can't fall into that trap this year though! Had the first week postponed!!!


The first live gamethread of the season!

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