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ToffeeLinks 10/08/2011: And the Everton Injury List Begins

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As the beginning of the Premier League gets closer and closer, more and more ridiculous things are being published in media outlets. That's not to say that generally ridiculous things aren't happening in London right now (riots going on without any purpose or reason?).

The riots have put a severe damper on the start of the Premier League and Everton's campaign, not only because the first match may be pushed back, but because people are losing their possessions, their businesses, and their general peace of mind. Since it is being covered by every news outlet, I will try to keep it at a minimum, at least for this edition of ToffeeLinks.

First and foremost, my perfect fairy tale fantasy of most of our players being uninjured for the season has already taken a huge damper due to the devil (aka Carlos Marchena). It seems that Coleman will most definitely miss his first game back from suspension and probably even more. And so the Everton injury list begins.

Seamus Coleman out for six weeks | The Sun
It seems that the general consensus is that Coleman will be missing around six weeks to 8 weeks after he tore his ankle ligament. He has yet to see a specialist in London to know the exact details of his recuperation time, but things don't look too optimistic here.

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Premier League may delay decision over opening weekend until Friday |
The matches in London are still on, as of now. It seems that the Premier League are balking on making a decision now because it will become a nightmare to reschedule and to start the season later. They are trying as hard as possible to keep the show going as is.

London riots: Tottenham players call for Premier League clash against Everton to be postponed if riots continue - Telegraph
Lots of players are saying that if things stay the same as they are now, then there is no way they should play the match. All of them are echoing the same idea, that it will be too dangerous for the fans.

Everton to ask Villas-Boas for Sturridge - Fansfc
Stupid, stupid article. No chance in hell we get Sturridge. We couldn't afford almost every free transfer and loan candidate available on the market, and all of a sudden think that we've got a shot at an extremely impressive Sturridge. Don't even click on the link to give them more hits.

Leicester to bid £3m for Everton's Victor Anichebe | Mail Online
"Foxes manager Sven Goran Eriksson has switched his sights to Anichebe after previous target Shane Long moved to West Bromwich." ----- I know this is a pipe dream but, god, this will make me so ridiculously happy. There is no way that Long is sold for £4.5 million but we miraculously sell Anichebe for £3 million. A man can dream, right?