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A response to my first email to Mr Elstone.

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After receiving my email, Robert Elstone asked Ian Ross, the clubs Head of PR & Commercial Affairs, to respond on his behalf as he was busy with Club matters.  Mr Ross kindly obliged and did so very promptly, on the same day as I voiced my opinion to Mr Elstone in fact, and Mr Ross has asked me to stress this which I am more than happy to do.  I have attached the time and date of Mr Ross' response for clarity.

Mr Ross' response on Mr Elstone's behalf certainly makes interesting reading:

From: Ian Ross (Everton)
Sent: 22 June 2011 12:47
Cc: Robert Elstone (Everton)

Hi Darren, 

Robert is currently tied up on important Club business and has me to respond to your email on his behalf.

The bottom line here is that we, as a club, have never – and will never – do our business (a) in public or (b) through the pages of newspapers.

Each and every transfer deal – be it in or be it out – is difficult, commercially sensitive, complex and very much subject to the vagaries of what remains a unique business model – namely modern football.

You make mention of the “ transfer gossip “ you imbibe each and every morning – but it is just that, gossip. Yes, there is an understandably voracious appetite in some quarters for such gossip – but why would we wish to contribute? Why would we wish to feed ( and thus sustain ) what is little more than a swirling pool of re-cycled Twitter feeds, bar-room chit-chat and deliberately-planted falsehoods? 

If we were to opt for your suggestion and issue endless statements along the lines of, “ We are talking to various clubs about a wide variety of players “ precisely where would that get us? Actually, after a decade at Goodison that does represent the ultimate in rhetorical questions – it would get us nowhere….well, apart from leading to accusations of spin, of vagueness, of duplicity….. 

As for your assertion that “ free transfers “ are slipping through our net as a direct consequence of “ lack of activity “….that is, if you don’t mind me saying, a complete nonsense.

You may want Seb Larsson, you may want Jamie O’Hara….but does the Everton manager? Just because a player is available ( and remember there really is no such thing as a “ free “ transfer ) it does NOT mean David Moyes wishes to sign him…..just because a player joins Sunderland or Wolves it does NOT mean that we have failed to land him, that we have let him slip through our net.

You ask about our banking facility and yet more rumours, yet more gossip. In the same way that we do not discuss the possible purchase and sale of players in the media, we similarly would never, ever use that medium to discuss what is highly-confidential financial information. In truth, I suspect you wouldn’t actually expect us to be so naïve.

Finally, our Chairman, Bill Kenwright, has repeatedly made it clear that he has actively been seeking substantial, meaningful investment for several years now – that remains the case.

When we have something to say, we say it. That has always been the way here at Everton.

Robert has asked me to thank you for your email….I thank you too.

Best wishes,



Before I consider any response to Mr Ross and Mr Elstone, I would like to know the thoughts of our readers so I may generate a response based on the mass opinion, not an individual one.

I have to say, this is testament to the club that they are beginning to communicate with the supporters.  I have to say that only earlier today did I comment to a close friend how Robert Elstone is one of the most open and approachable CEO's we have had at Everton.  Almost always he will respond to an email.  If he cant, as was the case above, he tries to ensure a response is received.  Whether or not we agree with his response is a different matter.

More than ever, your comments are appreciated below.

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