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ToffeeLinks: A Real News Edition

Why does he get all the money? Why can't I have some too, pretty please? (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Why does he get all the money? Why can't I have some too, pretty please? (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So hey we finally have some actual news about transfers in this edition of ToffeeLinks. After weeks of pure speculation, Bill Kenwright has actually made a statement about a transfer. Granted it isn't anything exciting, but still it is nice to see that something is finally happening. Head below the jump to see today's round up of all things Everton.

Kenwright confirms Yobo's departure to occur soon

Yes I am making this into a bigger deal than it is, but once again it is nice to see the squad bringing in some transfer funds even if they are miniscule. According to the article the fee is supposed to be in the area of 6 million pounds, which seems high considering how far apart the two sides were a few weeks ago, but the more money the better.

Moyes bids for Brown

Apparently Moyes has made a 4 million pound bid for ManU defender Wes Brown. I'm not a big fan of this move because Brown is 31 years old, why not spend 4 million on a younger defender who may have a much higher ceiling than Brown currently has. Hopefully this is just a rumor and there isn't any truth to it, or failing that, Brown decides to snub the move.

Another preseason friendly vs. Bremen

Everton has added yet another preseason friendly, travelling to the Bundesliga giants. This is an excellent match to schedule as Bremen are consistently one of the top 3 teams in Germany, and it is always nice to prep for the season by playing some quality competition.

Gueye wants to make presence felt

After getting some limited first-team action towards the end of the season, Gueye has stated he wants to work towards an extended run in the first-team during this campaign, and I'm sure every Evertonian is hoping he has the skill to do it. Gueye seemed to adjust well to his first season in England considering he is only 20 years old, and he showed some skill during his limited time on the field. Hopefully he can give the squad some creativity up top that we were lacking over the past season.

Everton Laides and England international Williams still confident

After opening her account in the Women's World Cup in Germany, Fara William's still thinks England can advance from the group stage even after a disappointing draw to Mexico in their opener. England is certainly the favorite in the group, but the question is if the women's team has the same composure as their male counterparts.