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Marouane Fellaini future in doubt

Fellaini: Future in doubt?
Fellaini: Future in doubt?

Oh great.

Just a day after Everton miss out on one of their transfer targets an existing player has made noises about a possible move away from the club.

To be fair to Marouane Fellaini the quotes attributed to him seem like one of those interviews made abroad, perhaps in his native tongue, that has made its way back to UK shores twisted in order to make the dramatic headlines.

Plus, as much as I hate to say it, what he says makes sense.

Speaking to media 7sur7, when quizzed on a possible move Fellaini said: “"No, this is not the time. But one thing is certain: I want to play in a team that wins trophies and play in the Champions League. Everton is a team of sub-top.”

Sub-top? Ouch.

Now in the cryptic world of transfer and contract negotiations that could mean he is fishing for a move this summer and perhaps seeing who is interested. Or he is perhaps speaking the truth and although he is willing to stay at the club for now, he wants to play at the top in the future – and for that I can't blame him.

My hope is we seal a new deal as soon as possible for the Belgian as we have to put up with enough speculation about the future's of other players without Fellaini joining in.

Then, with a new deal in place it will ensure he will stay with us for this season and should he want to leave next summer we can at least command a sizeable fee.