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ToffeeLinks 25/5/2011: Let the Transfer Rumors Begin

Get ready everyone. We are going to get bombarded, like usual, with a ridiculous amount of transfer rumors involving Everton. Every off-season, I somehow get sucked into all the gossip and rumors and start getting hopefully of landing some of those rumored players. I am going to try my best of resisting these "journalistic" advances and I suggest you all do the same.

I think we all know that the club have very little money and we won't be able to afford about 99% of the rumors that go around, but we'll still somehow try to convince ourselves that it could be possible and we'll buy into it.

So let the pain and denial of our financial situation begin...


Links after the "jump"

First off the moves that could actually happen:

Everton to move for Bothroyd & Campbell – SportsNews Ireland
As usual, Moyes trying to go for the cheapest options. Bothroyd has been great for Cardiff in the last 3 years, but the Premier League is a different machine than the Championship. But he would come on a free, so that would be more than awesome for us, given our finances.

DJ Campbell on the other hand would probably love to stay in the Premier League after Blackpool got relegated. I don't know how effective he will be in Moyes' attacking style. Blackpool pretty much went all-out attack all the time, while we are a much more conservative team. I don't know if Campbell will fit when we frequently play the lone striker formation.


Rumors that have no basis, but will be overreported (or are just plain ridiculous)

Liverpool and Everton chase Manchester United target Scott Dann - Click Manchester
First, we probably can't afford him. Second, How are we supposed to outbid/be more promising than Man U and Liverpool?

Everton FC rumour mill: Blues to make move for former Liverpool FC striker Michael Owen - Liverpool Daily Post
Oh great. The yearly Michael Owen is coming to Everton rumor. The papers all resurrect this story every summer, but we all know Owen doesn't really care for Everton (even though it's his supposed childhood club). Why else would he want to sit on the bench at Man U? Plus, this has already come out...

Michael Owen wants to stay with Manchester United - ESPN Soccernet
"Michael Owen is still hoping for a new contract with Manchester United". Thank God, I don't want another striker made of glass. I also don't really like Owen anymore and I don't think many other Everton fans really like him either.

Hamburg winger Elia reveals Liverpool, Everton interest |
Saying Everton in passing somehow turns to Elia showing interest in the club. We were trying to get him on loan it looks like so our name is now thrown into the mix. Looks like Juventus and Liverpool have a much better chance. All that said, i would love Elia. He goes invisible sometimes, but at others he is absolutely fantastic and can be a total game changer.


And now to everything else:

Moyes uncertain over budget | Sky Sports
Looks like our "supposed" range is free transfer to £15million. I think the higher range is if we sell a big name player. Don;t hold your breath folks. Looks like we're going to be in the market for Championship players or player out of contract. It's going to be a frustrating summer.

Everton FC: Rodwell set to forget his off-season | Click Liverpool
He said: "Personally it's been an off season for me I've picked up a lot of injuries and not been able to get a good run of form, so I'm looking forward to next season." - Good that he knows he was mediocre.

Gosling hoping to make a fresh start (From The Northern Echo)
Hope he never scores a goal again.