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Royal Blue Mersey 2010-2011 Season Awards: Most Disappointing Player

I know what a lot of you are going to say. This is the same as Least Valuable Player. This is not true. Least valuable player was someone who was downright shitty, but most disappointing player could be someone that played really good but still nowhere near expectations. At the same time, the LVP and MDP (I'm just trying to make it confusing) could be the same player too.

The truth is though, almost every player for Everton was disappointing at some level (except maybe Baines). So I could potentially put the whole squad up there and they would each get at least one vote. I'll cut down the list to make it less confusing and so I can have more influence over the poll too.

Do me a favor and explain yourself in the comments if you choose other, so we don't have to guess what you were thinking.