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More Pics Of New Everton Home Kit 2011/12

Tim Cahill has given us all another sneak peak of Everton's new home kit for the 2011/11 by posting it as his Twitter photo. The earlier leaks have been proven correct yet again with the design incorporating a yellow trim on the inside of the collar. He is wearing blue socks though which I am a little disappointed with. Everton always traditionally wore white socks, though I'm sure both colours will be produced.

There has been no word from the club and I expect they may not be too happy with Cahill's picture as it ruins any suspense they can create with an official launch. The amber away kit was released last week and was worn for the game against West Brom. To try and maximise revenue I expect the club to wait a few weeks (in time for the next pay day) before releasing the home kit.

I have to say I really like this design and given I haven't bought a kit for a good few years I might be tempted to make a purchase.


Oh and I'm guessing the reason he is with Kaka could be for the front cover of FIFA 12, I know he was on the Australian version FIFA 10 + 11.

Unless we are thinking of putting in a cheeky bid for the Brazilian?

Yeah perhaps not.....