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Royal Blue Mersey 2010-2011 Season Awards: Most Valuable Outfit (for Moyes)

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Moyes usually goes three routes with his outfits during match day. Is there any correlation between what he wears and Everton's win record, I don't know (and I'm way too lazy to go through all the matches' highlights to figure it out). But I know sometimes Moyes looks weirdly out of place in some types of attire, and some are just plain hideous.

What am I trying to accomplish with this poll? Well, hopefully Moyes stumbles on it and decides never to wear the category that doesn't get any (or very many votes). Hey, a man can dream right?

If you are unfamiliar with the RBM awards basics, then visit here.

For some reason I couldn't add more than one picture so visit the links. This is the best I could do. If someone finds better pictures, feel free to post them in the comments

Moyes in tracksuit

Moyes in suit (there's another suit one on SBN, but I can't get it up for some reason)