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Everton players on Twitter

New tweeter - Neville has joined the twitterati.
New tweeter - Neville has joined the twitterati.

Maybe it was because of the public holiday that led to footballers with too much time on their hands but over the weekend a flurry of stars -  including some current and former Everton players – joined Twitter

Some players, like Darron Gibson – didn’t last too long and I can imagine it is quite a shock to see the flurry of messages from fans, be positive or negative, within minutes of opening an account.

One Everton player who did appear to join Twitter  (we have no real proof, although his banter with journalists and other players suggests it is him) was the captain himself Phil Neville (@fizzer18). And it has been interesting to see the reaction of Neville and other tweeters in the past few days, with some Toffees giving him a grilling over the club's ownership situation.

But credit to Neville (if it is him) he answered as many questions as he could, including some difficult ones, with honesty and integrity - some players deliberately avoid answering fans questions, instead telling us what they are having for dinner or other mundane activities.

But the chat between Neville and the fans is why Twitter is such an amazing platform and I hope the same mindless idiots who drove Gibson away won't do the same with Neville as it is a great way for the players to connect with supporters who have felt increasingly alienated from the club they love over recent years. He has said it is an experiment until the weekend but I for one hope decides to keep his account active.

Anyway here is a rough transcript of some of the tweets, mainly involving Joe Jennings and the guys over at the excellent  SOS1878 forum. I have put Phil's responses in bold.

Don’t forget Royal Blue Mersey is also on Twitter so if you fancy joining make sure to follow us - @rbmersey.

18SOS78 @fizzer18 tell us why we should trust the chairman Phil? Come on, I want to know why.

fizzer18 p nev @18SOS78 he's an evertonian he saved the club a few years ago-and he appointed david moyes!

18SOS78 @fizzer18.....and Rooney’s money and Moyes’s success have only papered over the cracks. And you're telling us to trust the chairman?

fizzer18 p nev @18SOS78 honestly-id say trust the chairman and manager-u just get behind the team-thats what I do!

fizzer18 p nev @18SOS78 he's also put a lot of his own money in too-keep the faith!!!

fizzer18 p nev @JoeJennings9 what about 15m pound state of art training ground!

JoeJennings9 @ fizzer18 we don't own it Phil, we have outsourced all our assets.

@fizzer18 I'm sure you understand the frustration and disillusionment. Accepting BK as chairman is accepting #EFC will never be great again

fizzer18 p nev @JoeJennings9 I'm not frustrated-im excited I'd take hard work and spirit over money all day!

JoeJennings9@fizzer18 appreciate you're taking the time to respond to BK related questions Phil

fizzer18 p nev JoeJennings9 thanks joe

premier efc1878 @fizzer18 if a champs league team come calling to u in the summer phil u will go u wanted to go to spurs in jan! An didn't blame u!

 fizzer18 p nev @premierefc1878 if everton want me I won't go-i didn't go inn jan!!

As said at the top of the piece there are a number of other Toffees on Twitter so I will regularly update RBM with any interesting chatter between them and the fans.