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Manchester United vs. Everton: Live GameThread

Confidence is exuding from Everton players after going unbeaten for seven matches. Will it be enough to beat a Manchester United squad that hasn't lost at home this season (and not to Everton at home since 1992)? I don't know. I just don't see us unseating them with our patched up squad. Hopefully we can catch a Manchester United squad looking ahead to their Champions League semi-final.

Europe seems to be out of reach (though we still have a faint hope) and we are playing more for pride and a great finish, rather than any particular goal.

Everton's lack of goal scoring has seemingly taken an about-turn and their seems to be a much less negative outlook for the season. For that reason, I'm not going going to be a negative Nancy and say we don't have a big shot of winning. I honestly think we have a good chance. You'd be surprised what a little confidence can do to your team.

All I know is I am excited.


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