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Everton v Aston Villa: Live GameThread

Everton have lost all their players via injury. Aston Villa have given out all their players via loan.

Both clubs have underachieved monumentally this season, but seem to be heading in different directions at the moment. Everton have had a mini good spell, while Villa have had a recent bad spell. Everton still have a slim chance of making it into Europe, while Villa is just trying to get away from the relegation battle.

I don't really expect to see too many goals in this match. Coleman, Rodwell, Saha, Cahill, Arteta, and Fellaini could all possibly be out for Everton. I seriously do not know who would come in if we have any more injuries.

It would be a miracle to come out with three points considering the squad that might be playing. Everton always seem to play well when they are left out to die.


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