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New Everton Home & Away Kits 2011/12 Leaked

The season isn't even over yet and already designs for the 2011/12 Everton home and away kit have been leaked online. And yes the pink has been done away with!


Amber and blue are the 'traditional' colours for Everton away kits, with the legendary Alan Ball one of the most famous players to don the jersey. After the radical designs of the past two years it is perhaps no surprise the kit designers have decided to have a look back.


The home kit won't blow you away in terms of originality but in my opinion I prefer kits to be simple rather than have fancy stripes all over the place.


I know what you're thinking - what's that collar all about? Well, have no fear the next picture offers us a close up that gives us a greater idea of what it will look like.


I have to admit I really like the kits, the home one especially. I don't like the way new ones are brought out every year - I always thought there was some sort of regulation in place limiting new kits to one per summer (i.e. home and away changing on rotation).But sadly like everything in football nowadays it seems money takes greater precedent.

However, if this design proves to be the real deal I might be tempted to splash out in time for the big kick-off next August.

I have to stress that these are only leaked kits and not the official designs. However, if they do prove to be the real thing, what do you think?