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Everton v Birmingham City: Live GameThread

Moyes thinks that a European place is still at stake. I say that's rubbish.

Our ridiculously roller-coaster form as well as our rising injury total keep me from being as optimistic as Moyes. I just can't in good conscience believe that it's possible. It's good that Moyes has kept that as a goal though. We should definitely have a goal and that seems like a good one, now that an FA title is out of the question.

Birmingham City themselves are fighting relegation, even though they just beat Arsenal to hoist the Carling Cup (I know, weird right).

Phil Neville (and Fellaini) will be out, while Cahill and Anichebe are doubtful.

On Birmingham's side Ferguson, Gardner, Dann, Hleb, and McFadden (yeah, that's a ton of injuries) are all out. Ridgwell, Zigic, and Jiranek will all have late fitness tests.