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Royal Blue Mersey and Everton: The Offside

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It is an exciting time for SBNation in general at the moment and their latest acquisition has seen the popular UK based Offside network of football blogs become part of their ever-expanding community.

Because of that I can can today announce a new partnership between RBM and the excellent Everton blog over at the Offside network.

What does it mean for the site?

Well there will be two new contributors, Brian and Chris, who regularly make posts over at the Offside and will now transfer some of their skills over here.

I will also make posts on their blog with the hope that the two Everton communities can combine and make on all-conquering royal blue force!

Ok I got carried away but you get my point. You will be getting two sites for the price of one and hopefully both will be better off as a result.

I urge you to go and check out their site: and in the coming weeks you will see some of their new posts appear here and some of my ramblings over there.