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Podcast Reports Fresh Everton Takeover Bid *Updated*

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The excellent Followtonians Podcast is reporting that a Liverpool-born property developer is looking into forming a consortium in order to buy Everton Football Club.

The rumours, which Followtonians say is from a independent source, surround George Downing, a Switzerland based property developer who owns a string of properties across Liverpool. It comes just 24 hours after it emerged three bidders have been turned away for unknown reasons during the past few years.

Downing is worth approximately £500million according to Wikipedia and is a well known Evertonian - he was the guy who was chucked out of Manchester City's executive box last season for joking about the supporters chants "2-0 and we've spent f**k all" in the aftermath of our second goal. He later received an apology from City for the incident.

With news spreading about this rumour the guys over at the equally excellent NSNO forum did some digging and contacted Downing's PR firm, who knew nothing about the story, saying:

"These stories come up every couple of years because George has investments in Liverpool and is obviously an Everton fan, but they usually have no substance"

They have, however, promised to speak to George about the rumours and let NSNO know. As soon as anything emerges I will update this story appropriately.

Given it is season ticket renewal time though don't be surprised if it proves to be all rubbish and Downing flatly denies any involvement with the club, puncturing our dreams once more.


NSNO have heard back from George vis 'his people'. The predictable and sadly inevitable response?

"George has said there is no truth in this whatsoever"