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More Everton Takeover Rumours with US Based Businessman Linked

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All Change? Will Mullin succeed in his quest to form a consortium to buy Everton?
All Change? Will Mullin succeed in his quest to form a consortium to buy Everton?

Here we go again - another day, another Everton takeover rumour as Liverpool-born businessman Bernard Mullin is the subject of this story by the Daily Telegraph, which claims he is seeking to form a consortium to buy the club from Bill Kenwright.

Although he grew up in Liverpool - and remains a passionate Everton fan - Mullin has spent most of his working life over in the US, forging a successful career as a sports business executive. From 2004 to 2008, Mullin was president and chief executive officer of Atlanta Spirit, which represented the ownership group for the Hawks, the Thrashers and Philips Arena.

Now my knowledge of US Sports is limited so if any of by fellow Blues across the pond know a bit more about the success of those franchises please feel free to enlighten me. I hope it's good news!

Like the majority of these rumours I expect them to be swiftly dismissed - The Telegraph did run this story three years ago after all. It is also hard to tell whether this is actually new news, or merely another rich Evertonian who would like to get involved with the club, but isn't actually getting any closer to doing a deal. After all, he does need the support of several other rich businessman as well before even contemplating a takeover bid.

But at least the situation regarding the club's ownership is being highlighted by the national press. I think the article sums up our current situation perfectly and at the very least is a sign that things may come to a head in the summer.