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Everton reject takeover bids - report

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Convenient how these Everton take-over stories emerge the day after our season-ending FA Cup defeat to Reading but BBC North-West Tonight revealed yesterday that three parties have declared an interest in taking over Everton but were turned away for unknown reasons.

BBC reporter Tony Livsley apparently had been talking to Bill Kenwright at the opening of his new theatre production (the same night we were crashing out of the cup in comedic fashion) and Kenwright made some interesting revelations which are paraphrased below:

* There was "interest from potential new owners and that's as far as it goes"

* There has been considerable interest in buying the club since it was put for sale 3 years ago but the club have refused to comment.

* NWT understands from "very well informed sources" that one consortium was from Asia and two from America.

* The Most recent interest came in April last year from a company that owns a major sports franchise in America but is unconnected to any other Premier League football club.

* Football finance expert David Bick was aware of a deal a couple of years back involving a big investor with very deep pockets and it seemed to get a long way down the line but then suddenly stopped.

It is all very mysterious and makes you wonder how serious these investors were as surely Kenwright isn't mad enough to turn away anyone with cash available to spend on the club? Perhaps they are the people he talks about who disappear the moment Everton asked them to show their cash?

The cynical side of me wonders whether this news has been leaked at a time when season ticket renewal forms are dropping through people's letterboxes. Let's face it our FA Cup defeat was damaging to the club's hopes of drumming up supporter interest in renewing; maybe this is the start of a PR job in the wake of that loss?

Or perhaps is is evidence that the club is genuinely up for sale and there is interest, raising hopes of a deal being concluded sooner rather than later.

What makes this saga so tiresome is the lack of reliable dialogue coming from everyone involved - is this just old news that has only come to light now? Should we get excited? Or is it complete rubbish?

We are told that the club is telling the truth but then hear contrary whispers from elsewhere. All not helped of course by poor, dis-spiriting performances on the field.

I get the feeling something will give in the summer. But I'm not sure whether it will be my dream of a take-over, or nightmare of Moyes leaving and the club's star players being sold off.

Either way, as fans, we are left to scour the net for rumour and counter-rumour, before sitting back and hoping for the best.