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Jonny Heitinga Clarifies Comments Regarding Everton Future

Use your head? Heitinga squares up to Danny Sturridge
(Livesey/Getty Images)
Use your head? Heitinga squares up to Danny Sturridge (Livesey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There are two sides to every story and while some of Jonny Heitinga's comments were arrogant, dimissive of his team-mates and down right disrespectful of the club, the Official Everton website have spoken to the Dutchman in order to put the story straight.

It is hard not to be cynical when you read stories like this one, which is straight out of the club's propaganda machine. They will have seen the headlines following Heitinga's 'outburst' and the murmurings of discontent it caused on the internet. So in response they called Jonny up while he was with the Dutch national team and squeezed some complimentary comments about the club out of him.

Ok I admit the original article in the Daily Mirror, which in turn was based on comments lifted from a Dutch newspaper, only focuses on the negative side of Heitinga's words. But while I agree there may have been taken out of context the words speak for themselves - it wasn't as if he was misquoted.

This may calm the fuming Blue hordes for now, but I still think the writing is on the wall when it comes to Heitinga's future. The chances of him turning out in a Blue shirt next season remain slim.