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The Offside's Friday Football Frenzy

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A new regular column appearing on the site will be Friday Football Frenzy - a collection of the best football stories, quotes, videos or just generally interesting stuff found on the web during the past seen days.

As part of our partnership with Everton:The Offside   we will share blog duties with our new regular columns fluttering between the two sites. Brian has done the research on FFF this week so do go over to the site and check them out.

Also part of the new partnership is updated match reports on the day of a game - as close to the final whistle as possible. Today it is my turn to do the post-match write up so check out RBM tonight for my immediate take on the Toffees' game at Goodison. Then after a few days to reflect we will have a more detailed look at the game, it's impact on our league position as well as a quick look round results elsewhere.

Hopefully it will be a happy report, though with this season being the way it is you just never know!