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Everton Injury News: Louis Saha out for a month?*Updated*

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It's all rumour and conjecture at the moment but Everton forums and the Twitterati are a buzz with a rumour that Louis Saha injured himself in training and will be out for month. Coming on the back of the Rodwell news, as well as the first real positive result of the season, I now have the firm belief that this season is cursed and we are destined not to achieve anything.

It hasn't been confirmed as yet, but this thread over at NSNO will probably update us as soon as we hear some confirmation from the club.

Fingers crossed it isn't true.


A well placed source on NSNO reckons he is going for a scan to day on a hamstring injury. Even if it is minor it will surely be enough to rule him out of the Bolton game, hamstring injuries are the sort of think you can run off. At worst though it could be months.


                                                                      ***ANOTHER UPDATE***

This Twitter lark is clever, Dave Prentice of the Liverpool Echo has obviously done some digging and tweeted:

Saha's agent not heard of any injury problem. Still no confirmation from Everton tho. Players did train yesterday but are off today

The plot thickens.................