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Jack Rodwell Out for Up to 6 Weeks

We're in trouble
We're in trouble

Bad, bad news.

According to his twitter, and every news outlet available, Jack Rodwell will be out for around 4 - 6 weeks. Rodwell pulled his groin after 12 minutes on the pitch for England's U-21 squad.

4-6 weeks out :( gutted but will come back stronger

- via Jack Rodwell's Twitter (@JackRodwell26)


What this means for Everton, after The Jump.


Though we have usually had a strong and deep midfield, this is very bad news. Our back four is very thin, so we've used some of our defensive midfielders to fill those gaps (Heitinga, Neville, etc.). We still have Osman and Cahill/Fellaini as backups, but losing Rodwell also decreases our flexibility.

If we didn't have a bunch of players that were comfortable playing more than one position, we would really be in trouble right now. We only have two fit strikers with a third, Victor Anichebe, injured and in bad form. Our defense have two backups in Hibbert and Heitinga. The rest of our players are inexperienced and have not have enough playing time to truly be dependable (Gueye, Duffy, etc.). The scary thing is that we are only one more injury from our squad completely falling apart and self destructing.

Rodwell has also been quite great recently and this is an obvious set-back for his form, but if Everton can some how make it through these next couple of weeks, we may be able to come out of this alive.