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ToffeeLink Quick Hits: Chamakh, Landon Donovan, and Other Rumors

There's a couple of rumors going around about possible additions to the club. I don't have any reason to believe any of them, but I'll throw them out here just so everyone's in the loop.

Everton eye Los Angeles Galaxy star Landon Donovan loan - ESPN Soccernet
"It's something we will probably try and look to see if there's an interest," revealed Moyes. "[Donovan] was popular here, and we could do with some speed and width on the right. It wouldn't be something we'd be against, that's for sure. It's unrealistic to sign him on a permanent deal, though."

--- I don't see this happening. It doesn't really help Donovan or the Galaxy. I think in the future, if we miraculously have money, then we can start to believe the Donovan switch rumors and not the loan rumors.

Sevilla hope to pip Everton to Arsenal striker Chamakh by making January swoop for misfit | Mail Online
Sevilla are ready to make a January move for Arsenal misfit Marouane Chamakh. Everton are also interested but would be more likely to request a loan.

-- We definitely won't be able to get Chamakh on loan. That seems ridiculous. Arsenal don't really have depth at striker. If anything they would sell him to buy another striker, but definitely wouldn't loan him out. Just doesn't make sense.

Arsenal Plan Another Raid on Everton for £15m Midfield Star
--The amount is now £15million surrounding Fellaini.

Everton - Defoe linked with Everton
--This rumor surfaced a little while a go, but it's just another striker that we probably won't get because we still have no money. And we just got James McFadden.