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Toffeelinks – The trying not to get excited about an Everton takeover edition

Is Brek Shea Goodison bound?
Is Brek Shea Goodison bound?

Well, well, well, I thought all the Jain Group hysteria had sent the web into Everton take-over overdrive. But Sunday’s developments have well and truly broken the internet, well the Everton bits of it anyway.

Shall we delve in and have a look? Yes, lets...


Things we’re all kicked off by this article in the Sunday People  which claims Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, heir to the throne of Qatar, is keen on buying either Everton or Blackburn after being snubbed by Manchester United.

With a Blue Union march  on the horizon many are sceptical as to the truth in these rumours – especially as it is in the People.

And though I seriously doubt the club would release rumours to ward off protesters or sell half season tickets, I do wonder what has changed in the past few weeks for all these rumours to rise to the surface if (supposedly) we have been for sale for years and enquiries are constantly being made?

The Daily Mirror then alleged that the Qatari investors were put off by Everton’s asking price and the cost of a new stadium, making Blackburn a better option. However, this forum has contacts within the club who say Rovers are not for sale, with the Lancashire Telegraph and then the BBC later verifying the story.

Various insiders on Twitter and forums are suggesting that some of the Venkys family do want to sell, but they all need to agree before making a decision. Others claim that Blackburn were a smokescreen to tempt Everton into lowering the price or that they will now go back to Everton after being snubbed by Rovers.

Is any of this true? Who knows, I am certainly not claiming any credit for it and simply trying to summarise what I have seen. All the while trying to keep a lid on any excitement should a take-over of this magnitude go through. I don’t even want to start dreaming for fear of being let down – which has happened before.

Liverpool Echo reporter Gregg O’Keefe has already said he has found nothing so far to suggest it is anything more than just internet rumour. Given our desperation for positive news regarding a take-over I already sense that we will be treated to a few more red herrings before something concrete actually happens.

We need to take these rumours with a dose of salt and appreciate that talks and enquires are a long way from an actually takeover of the club. However, should Blackburn or - if further rumours are to be believed – Wigan get a cash investment from Qatar and not Everton, Bill Kenwright will come in for some serious heat from an already frustrated and deflated fan base.

Ok, and breathe.

Away from the Everton take-over talk what else do we have?

Two Toffees in action for England

Phil Jagielka put in a Stirling performance for England against Spain on Saturday, which England somehow won 1-0. Re-creating his partnership with Joleon Lescott that proved so fruitful for Everton a few years ago. I think Jags – who will return to Everton this week for treatment on a toe injury  -  has played himself into contention for next year’s Euros.

He wasn’t the only one either.

Jack Rodwell made a calm and assured debut after coming on with half an hour left, receiving warm praise from Fabio Capello after the game. He is now set to start against Sweden on Tuesday. How much was Jordan Henderson again?

Poor old Billy looks set for the exit door.

The Russian winger has revealed his agent is looking to engineer a move back to Russia in January should he continue to sit on the bench. It is a shame as I do feel he has talent and while some say it is because he isn’t played in his right position, I think the game is just too quick for him in England and he has failed to impress every time he has been given the chance. Given our finances we can’t afford to have hangers on and Moyes needs to cut his losses while he still has some value and put the money (if he gets to keep it) elsewhere.

Everton linked with MLS winger

Transfer rumour time, today it is FC Dallas winger Brek Shea  – MLS followers anyone care to enlighten me on his talents? I can’t say I know too much about him. The Mail claims he is set to go for a trial at Arsenal, but we are ready to pounce, hopefully grabbing Landon Donovan while we are over there.