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Sunday Open Thread and Random Thoughts (on the derby)

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This is an open thread. You can talk about anything you like, whether it be the Premier League matches going on or the current typhoons striking the Philippines.

I have a couple of thoughts on the match:

1) I know that the red card has been discussed to death, but I just want to put in my two cents. Obviously, the decision to give a red to Rodwell was ridiculous. It was a clean challenge and it could have been argued that it wasn't a foul at all. I know a lot of people are getting on Suarez for his ridiculous reaction, but I think Atkinson was ready to pull out the red regardless.

Given that, that doesn't make the reaction by Suarez any more innocent. He made that reaction in order to get a response from the referee. All the Liverpool players then running up to Rodwell and getting angry doesn't help either. I know you have to support your teammates and should come in their defense so I don't fault them for that. But Suarez could have legitimately started a fight after acting like his ankle broke into 15 pieces.

2) People are making a big deal about Jagielka not shaking or ignoring Suarez's hand later on in the match after they had gone up. If I was Jags, I wouldn't have either. Sportsmanship works both ways. Suarez was falling down and grimacing in pain all game (not just the red incident). If you are a defender and a striker you are defending does this constantly, I can understand that it would piss him off. After they start winning, and then Suarez starts acting all innocent and friendly, doesn't change anything. Jags had every right to refuse to shake his hand.

3) The coins and objects that were thrown onto the pitch at Kuyt and Suarez was disgraceful. It just sucks when a couple of people give the whole community of fans a bad name. From all accounts I heard from Liverpool and Everton fans who attended the match, they said everything was quite peaceful and fine in their respective sections. I really hope these kind of incidents don't happen again. We are better than that.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, talk away in the comment section!