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Everton v Liverpool: Live MerseysideDerbyThread

Every single Liverpool fan I have ever met I have hated. This could be because I am not from England, so I don't come across the redder half of Liverpool too often, but all I know is every time I see someone with a Liverpool jersey (yea that's how we say it in America), shorts, clashing striped socks, and an ugly face (yes, I am petty) I tend to throw up immediately. Liverpool fans just have this effect on others.

Consequently, I try to inform as many people about Jesus' own club(I hope you burn in hell if you think this is sacrilegious). I only involve cool people. What this constitutes of are:

1) If you are from the US - you can not like one of the douchey teams ie Yankees, obviously Red Sox, Lakers, Patriots, etc. just because they are the antithesis of Everton.

2) If you are from Europe - as long as you are cool (and I have complete discretion on this).

3) If you are from Asia/Middle East - you know about football (soccer) but you are not a front runner and don't support one of the Big 4 and Man City.

4) If you are from Antarctica - you are already awesome and you will already probably like Everton anyway.

 5) If you are from Africa - If we have a common hatred towards Victor Anichebe

I think what I am trying to say with all this rambling is Liverpool fans are dumb and Everton fans are awesome.

Actual derby stuff (and not stupid stories) after the jump.

Even though I have been unreasonably confident this past week, I have suddenly turned to my usual pessimistic self and don't feel as confident anymore (though I am still excited about the match).

Tim Cahill seemed to be the only question mark going into the derby for the Everton side, but Moyes has stated that Cahill is fit enough to start.

For Liverpool, Steven Gerrard seems to be fit enough to suit up. Glen Johnson and Daniel Agger are both out with injuries.

Starting XI will be up closer to match time.


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