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My thoughts on the Spurs game

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It hasn't been a great start to the year, with the sorry defeat to Stoke increasing the angst and unrest among the fans to dangerously high levels. Our next opponents are Spurs, a side who not so long ago were considered at best our equals. Their progress this season merely excentuates our dramatic slide.


Results on Tuesday mean we are now just two points above the relegation zone. And while this is obviously a worry, I'm hoping it will actually awaken the players to our current plight, who seem to be drifting along, hoping their inflated reputation will bail them out when it matters.

But the reality is if we have a second half of the season similar to the first, we will be very lucky not to be relegated. Our impoverished financial state aside, we have more than enough players to be well away from trouble.

But relying on that doesn't win you games and as the unrest regarding the lack of investment gathers pace off the pitch, it is time for the players to get tough on it.

Tottenham are a free-flowing attacking side, blessed with gifted, creative players. But such is our predicament - and I don't like to say it - now is the time to stop them from playing. We need to scrap and battle, stopping them from passing it around and showing that grit and determination we are used to seeing.

We have played decent stuff in around around the box with no cutting edge. But it is time to stop that and start battling, we need the points too badly.

With no Tim Cahill changes will be needed. I would love to see TWO strikers up front. None of our struggling forwards play well up top on their own so I would like to see them play with a partner. Sadly I have a feeling either Steven Pienaar or Marouane Fellaini will play in the 'Cahill' role as Moyes opts for a cautious approach in order to curb Spurs attacking threat.

A 1-0 win thanks to a goal in off a Spurs defender backside will do me fine, anything to try and move us away from the table. I fear for the Toffees in this game I really do as Spurs have the attacking potential to rip us apart, especially if they score early and shatter our already fragile confidence.

I am lucky enough to have a ticket for this match and just hope the side, for once, turns up.

The last negative match preview I did was for the City game and look what happened there. Football aways has the potential to surprise. But on this occasion lets just say I'm not getting my hopes up.