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Everton Transfer Rumours - Deadline Day Deals?

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This is it, after a long tortuous month will be finally put out of our misery by 11pm GMT when the January trasnfer window closes and we can stop clinging to the hope that we may actually bring someone in to help our ailing squad

So are there any rumours to keep us interested?


Well the forums are suggesting Chris Eagles could be a possibility, though that would need Burnley to drop their asking price to below the £3million quoted.

Other rumours scarily talk about outgoings, with Sunderland rumoured to be interested in Louis Saha and Spurs, again, after Phil Neville. After their defensive horror show yesterday I am not surprised.

I am though going to be glued to my computer screen with a TV close by, should anything remotely interesting happen I will comment below this story (may even give a quick Torres update - rumours are Chelsea have had a bid accepted) and if something MAJOR happens (I doubt it) I will do a quick write up.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter as that will be where I can get any breaking news out first.


Crossed fingers people.