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Quick Transfer Rumor Update: Mbokani out, Demba Ba in

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I think everyone knows I hate transfer rumors in general, but this window I have kept up to date mainly because this window may be one of our most important.

As an update to Tom's earlier article, everyone on his list is still linked with Everton except for Eric Dier, whom we signed on loan from Sporting Lisbon.

We reported that James Vaughan had been signed by Celtic on loan (with a initial fee), but it seems that that was not final and Burnley are also in the mix right now. But then I saw this article by BBC Sport which pretty much says he can't go on loan again because he played in last week's derby against Liverpool. FIFA rules state that a player can play for a maximum of two clubs in a season supposedly so looks like we screwed up big time there.

More new rumors after the "Jump"

Everton seem to be priced out of Diemerci Mbokani, who we had been chasing for a loan signing. 

"We made an offer to get Mbokani on loan, for his wages and the loan fee which was the best we could have done but I think Monaco have bigger, permanent offers in for him," Moyes said. "There are not many clubs who would let a player go out on loan six months after spending £7m on him."

-via Guardian


It also seems that Hoffenheim striker Demba Ba could be an upcoming target for Moyes. But I am little skeptical because he has already had two moves (to West Ham and Stoke) collapse due to failed medicals. I don't understand the point of acquiring a striker on loan that won't be fit enough to play for a while. 

The 25 year-old Senegalese striker is 6ft 3in and has scored 37 times in 97 appearances for Hoffenheim. He has had a history of failing medicals and asking for moves away from Hoffenheim, but he also seems to be a pretty good player. We will have to wait and see how this develops.

In news involving Everton players, Crystal Palace seems to be interested in singing Magaye Gueye on loan. Seems like it would be good for Gueye to get some first team experience. 

It seems like permanent transfers are out of the question for the club (at least for this transfer window), so don't get your hopes up high. Moyes seems hellbent on getting at least one player that can contribute immediately for the club. But because of our money situation it seems that it will only be a loan signing.