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Everton: Classics


15 May 1985:  Reinhard Kienast (right) of Rapid Vienna tackles Andy Gray (left) of Everton during the European Cup Winners Cup Final at the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Everton won the match 3-1. \ Mandatory Credit: David  Cannon/Allsport


In an attempt to reminisce and indulge in times gone past, as well as educate those Toffees fans not aware of some of the more eventful moments in our history, we now have a new section at Royal Blue Mersey -  Everton: Classics.

Here you will find a growing encyclopaedia of classic matches, seasons and players from years gone by. It will hopefully become a section we can all go to every now and then, particularly if the present side have a few poor results, to cheer us up and remind ourselves about glories past.

Not all of them will be tales of glory mind  - some maybe downright depressing. But supporting Everton isn’t always about winning, but it IS always about drama, passion and commitment.

We will start with my favourite player from my youth –the enigmatic Duncan Ferguson.

Classic players
Duncan Ferguson

Classic matches
Everton 4 Liverpool 4

Classic seasons
Coming soon!

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