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Everton v Huddersfield Town Carling Cup Recap (With Links!)

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This was exactly the type of match that Everton needed. Lots of goals, lost of confidence building, and a big boost the club needed for the Premier League. Yes, it was League One competition, but sometimes you just need to score in any competitive match to get yourself going. I couldn't have been any happier from this match - actually strike that. John Heitinga was the only black mark. Hitting in an own goal, and then missing a penalty shot is not exactly a good performance. But it was pretty close to a great overall performance.

Here is the scoring for anyone that is wondering:

Fellaini (6); Rodwell (13); Heitinga (39 Own Goal); Beckford (49 Penalty); Saha (76); Osman (84)


Rodwell showed us that he should start, Beckford showed us that he could score, Gueye showed us that he could play, Fellaini showed us that he is still goofy looking (and awesome), and Saha showed us that he needs very little time to make an impact.

Moyes is going to have a tough time choosing a starting line-up. Everyone seems to deserve a spot, especially Rodwell, but who can he replace is the question?


Those are my thoughts on the tie, but I honestly can not give a recap because I did not watch it (nor did anyone else unless they were at Goodison Park). So instead of typing up report to make it seem like I was there, I am going to put up links of journalists who were there. Here are the links:


Everton 5 Huddersfield Town 1: match report - Telegraph
This is the most complete match recap of the bunch. If you were to read one, read this.

Everton v Huddersfield -
A recap of Everton v Huddersfield

Everton 5 Huddersfield 1: Reliable Rodwell - Jack the lad proves he's a real cracker | Mail Online
Jack Rodwell twice settled Everton nerves to avert any potential Carling Cup embarrassment. He scored one and set up another to open up two-goal advantage.


Update: I somehow found a highlight video, don't know how long it will last before its taken down...