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A semi recap of that dreadful Everton-Wolves match


Everton's manager David Moyes (C) observes his players during a practice session in Sydney July 9, 2010. Everton is on a pre-season tour in Australia and will face Sydney FC on July 10. REUTERS/Daniel Munoz (AUSTRALIA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)


Yes, the match against the Wolverhampton Wanderers was dreadful. We fell back to what we have been doing for the last couple of seasons. I expected a win before the match, I expected a win during the match, yet somehow we only came out with one point. We dominate games, dominate chances, dominate possession, then we let in a counterattack goal.



The good news is that I am finally back to my normal self. What is my normal self? That's the fan that expects underachievement. The fan that doesn't believe the usual Everton hype. The fan that knows however good the Toffees are on paper, we will be worse in reality. Then when I know the team can't be any worse, we start overachieving. That is the Everton I know. I will not let myself be duped again into thinking we should win specific games or deserve anything.

So what do I expect as an Everton fan? Not to get relegated and that is it. It is not the fault of the owners It is not the fault of the managers. It is not the fault of the players. It is not the fault of the fans. It is just fate. I don't really completely believe that, but it's a good way to deflect fault from anyone, right? Well, to hell with that. I know who was at fault for this last match and I'm willing to blurt it out.




No, it wasn't completely his fault. Our lack of converting possession and chances into goals was directly involved with the draw. But I was not completely happy with Moyes' tactics. He knew that our attack was struggling. We were attacking but our shots were pathetic. He still started Jermaine Beckford. Don't get me wrong, Beckford wasn't really that terrible (he added some pace), but he was not the solution for the attack to score more goals. Beckford usually likes to play with some help up front, but Moyes stuck him in with a bunch of midfielders who push forward. He then took quite a long time to substitute both Beckford and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. Both players had a lot of pace and were involved with quite a lot of plays, but were far from scoring goals or creating goals. Also, somehow, Jack Rodwell didn't get any playing time. How that happens, I do not know, but he should have seen the pitch at some point.


Now that I am done with my rant, we can move on. We play Hudderfield Town tomorrow August 25th, at 8PM BST (3PM ET). Hopefully a win there, will bring some momentum into the Premier League campaign.