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Toffee Link Central 8/11: Links Refuting Prior Links

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The link roundup is not going to be a daily occurrence, but I had to write one up today because a lot of the links that I wrote about yesterday have already been refuted. It's bound to happen when your dealing with rumors, but usually not this quick.

Mersey giants told to forget about making bid for Peter Crouch | Football
Tottenham have told Liverpool and Everton that Peter Crouch is not for sale after manager Harry Redknapp reassured the striker that he will play a major role for the club this season. That was pretty quick. Looks like we aren't making a bid.

Liverpool Daily Post - Everton FC - Everton FC bemused by West Ham Yakubu bid
This story is just bizarre. It seems that West Ham's new offer for Yakubu was less than their initial offer six weeks ago...that we rejected. Everton have been adamant to not let Yakubu go for under £7-8m. West Ham go from a £6m bid to a £5m bid. What a waste of time and money by West Ham. I don't know what their management is doing over there, but if they keep acting like this, they will surely be relegated.

Everton manager David Moyes: I don't want Aston Villa job - Telegraph
Supposedly, there were some links of Moyes to the now vacant manager position at Aston Villa. Never thought it was really going to happen, but now we know for sure it's not.

Moyes said:

"I am loyal to Everton, I've always said that. It is a really good club and this year we have a really good team and we have a good chance of doing well."