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Toffee Link Central 8/10: More Rumors Without Any Cash


There are a lot of rumors being thrown around in the news involving Everton. I don't know how many of these rumors are even possible, given that we have no money. Yes, I understand, some of these players could be funded by a sale of our own player, but that still doesn't make sense in some of these cases. The links are up after the jump.


Everton to launch £13m bid for Nice star Loic Remy as West Ham prepare raid for Yakubu

- According to the Daily Mail (and many other news organizations), Everton will use the money they get from a sale of Yakubu to finance a bid for Loic Remy. This seems quite smart until we realize that Remy is rated at about  £13 million and Yakubu will fetch, at most, £8  million. So where are we supposed to magically get the £5 million we need for Remy when Moyes has repeatedly proclaimed that the club have no cash? I can think of one way this would make sense, and that's if Pienaar or some other player is sold. But there are not too many reports of that. 


West Ham step up bid to sign £8m Everton striker Yakubu

- Goes along with the last link. West Ham still trying to get Yakubu. 


Peter Crouch in shock Everton FC link




- This move makes much more sense than the Remy move. Mainly because some experts have pegged Crouch's price around £7 million (even though some people have placed it as high as £15m). This move also is directly dependent on whether or not Yakubu is sold. I really don't know what to think of this potential move. I don't know whether he could play up front with Saha or not. I don't think it would be as wise a move as the Remy move though. Crouch is started to get up there in years, and players are usually overpriced at this age. If we can get him at £7 million though, that probably wouldn't be too bad. 


Everton linked with cut-price move for Spanish defender Jose Angel

- The 20 year-old Angel, is rated at only £3 million. According to the Daily Mail, we are front runners to sign him over Tottenham, Liverpool, and Wigan. It seems that the Sporting Gijon defender is available for such a cheap price, because they are going through some financial difficulties. 


Everton dismay after England fast track just Jack Wilshere and pass on Goodison startlet Rodwell

- I don't know what Fabio Capello is doing with his life, but he isn't doing the greatest job of scouting young players for the English squad. It seems that Rodwell was snubbed again for just the possibility of the senior English squad, while Capello instead called up Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs. This leads me to the next link...


Jack Rodwell stars as England beat Uzbekistan

- Rodwell plays for the U-21's, dominates,  gets a standing ovation, makes the onlooking Capello look foolish. By the way, I try not to get links from ESPN because I hate their soccer coverage so much, but I was too lazy to look anywhere else for this story. Sorry.


Black Cats strike Onuoha deal

- We were actually linked with the Manchester City defender for a while, but it looks like Sunderland have signed him to a loan deal. 


That's all for now. A preview for the Blackburn match will be coming soon. Also, sorry about the lack of pictures. I am still getting used to SB Nation's template.