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Would Evertonians swap Donovan for Pienaar?

Football - Everton v Manchester City Barclays Premier League


I get the impression that the Steven Pienaar  'will he, won’t he' saga is about to come to a head. The recent noises coming from the Pienaar camp involve differing valuations and self imposed deadlines - which sound like agent talk for pay him more money or he will leave.


Now part of me, and I guess of most other Toffees, is resigned to the South African leaving. He has had three successful years at the club and while he has said he would be happy to stay, his wage demands appear far too high for a team like us, who operate right at the edge of our financial limit.

So the alternative is to cash in Pienaar in good time to buy a replacement. This is, of course, a risky option - What if the new signing doesn’t settle in? Or doesn’t blend in with the team ethic? What if he does a Per Kroldrup and go from established international to defensive liability the instant they pull on a Blue shirt?

Well Everton have a way of avoiding all those problems – Landon Donovan. The US midfielder had a hugely successful loan spell with the club back in January, slotting almost seamlessly into the side and playing a huge role in our upturn in results, that included a draw with Arsenal and wins over Man United and Chelsea.

Donovan remained loyal to his Galaxy team-mates by returning to LA in March but he would surely want another crack at the Premier League on a full time basis? I am not sure how much he would cost but the funds raised from the sale of Pienaar would more than cover it.

The loss of Pienaar would be an undoubted blow,he has quickly become one of my favourite players. But the arrival of Donovan may mean we were not a weaker side for it.

What do you think? Should we let Pienaar leave? Or are Everton not putting up enough of a fight to keep him? And is Donovan a suitable replacement?

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.