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The First Post

Football - Everton v Bolton Wanderers Barclays Premier League

Hello again and welcome to the first day at the office for the webs newest Everton blog - Royal Blue Mersey

Thanks again for all the comments on my opening 'test' post, it is great to be here on SBNation. I would like this blog to be open to fans of all teams so please feel free to voice your opinion - I'll freely admit I find it hard to be impartial when talking about the Toffees, so a good dose of realism every now and then will do me no harm!

Now, obviously I join you just as the EPL season has come to a close but that doesn't mean nothing is happening!

We have the World Cup of course - I for one am counting down the days! A good few Blues are heading to South Africa so I will keep you updated on their progress (while crossing my fingers that Steven Pienaar will remain an Everton player after the tournament!).

Meanwhile back home we have the summer transfer window to look forward too. I am personally against the transfer window system as it encourages the stock piling of players as well as forcing prices up. It can't be denied though that deadline day is fun to watch, if a little frustrating as all our transfer targets prove to be tabloid hot air!

I will attempt to sift through the myriad of rumours and tittle-tattle found across the internet and bring you Everton's latest transfer news.

But as ever this is an open forum - if any of you hear from the guy that cuts Davie Moyes hair or the cleaner at the training  ground that we are about to sign a Brazilian superstar for £25million (as long as it is not Jo!) then do share the hot gossip it with us!

There will also be a series of friendlies as we gear up for the new season, including a first tour down under in more than 20 years.

Then, before you know it, the new season will be upon us an we can once again rouse ourselves for another shot at the top four.

It's gonna be one hell of a ride!!