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Same old story for Everton

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I despair, I really do................

Sibi's recap/rants sums it up, supporting Everton is thorughly depressing at the minute and unless something drastically changes a relegation fight will ensure make no question.

Why am I so confident in that prediction? Well in thinking about how to reflect on that disaster that was the Wigan game I looked back on some past match reports from this season. I think the quotes highlight our problem:

Our lack of converting possession and chances into goals was directly involved with the draw.  - Wolves, August

We showed spirit to get back into the game but despite having plenty of possession and pressure we failed to create many clear cut chances - Freidel was only under real pressure in the final ten minutes. –  v Aston Villa, August

We then dominated possession for the rest of the half without being clinical enough in front of goal. We were made to pay early after the re-start when sloppy defensing let them in again. – Blackpool

Everton meanwhile seemed to have endless possession on the edge of the box but were unable to get a shot on goal. – Sunderland, November

Whether we like to admit it or not, there is something wrong with Everton that needs to be fixed……………..Moyes definitely needs to change the formation as injuries and fitness influence the squad, though. He has been doing it to a certain amount (especially at the end of matches when we really need a score), but it seems he still hasn't figured out the striker situation yet. - What's wrong with Everton? Offense Edition, September


The chronic lack of goals is becoming distrubing - Moyes'  faith in Saha equally so. Though he is usually quiet in the January transfer window I feel Moyes has to act, perhaps sacrifcing a few players - namely Jonny Heitinga - to somehow fund a move for a forward.


Who that may be I don't  know - any suggestions are most welcome.

The cricus that is Man City are up next but to be honest I am not holding out much hope. Then there are three massive fixtures over Christmas against Birmingham, West Ham and Stoke.

I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that those three games could define our season.