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Everton v Wigan Athletic: A Short Match Recap/Rant

I didn't get a chance to watch this match. But I think it's fairly obvious what happened. We played solid defensively. We played quite good in the middle third. But we were woeful in the final third, especially the part where you put the ball in the back of the net.

Since I didn't watch the match, I am not going to complain about specifics, instead it's just going to be me complaining about the club.

The rest of my thoughts as well as orthodox recap links after the break.

If you just want to know what happened, here are some recaps:

David Moyes in need of a spark after Everton fizzle out against Wigan | Football | The Guardian
The Goodison crowd showed their displeasure at Everton's under-performing strikers during the goalless draw with Wigan

Everton FC 0 Wigan Athletic 0 - Blues lack knockout punch - Match Reports - Everton FC - Liverpool Echo
IF THIS was a boxing match the towel could have been thrown in by Wigan long before the end – but Everton, as ever when it has mattered this season, lacked the knockout punch.


The fans are starting to get tired and so are the players. At this point the only person I can blame is Moyes. He needs to figure this out. Maybe he needs to change his tactics a little bit in order to provide a spark. His substitutions were not the best, especially Anichebe. Moyes should have known he was going to get booed after his contract snub.

Either way, most of the blame has to go on the strikers. They are just not doing enough to score. There are just too many decent chances that are blown after ridiculous shots or selfish play (I'm looking at you Beckford). I can't even begin to imagine what is going to happen after Cahill leaves for national team duty.

I am still not worried about relegation zone simply because we are too talented for this nonsense to happen during the whole second half of the season too. But I can not blame those that are starting to get nervous.


Since this was not really a comprehensive match report, anyone who got to follow the match is welcome to post their thoughts or their own version in the comments section.