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We've Been Slacking

We have been slacking. It's true. We haven't been updating you with news, stories, or anything really that would make you think of us as a sports blog.

We do have excuses though. Tom for one has been swamped at work. For me. It's been pretty tough to write things and keep up with the club away from the country (and with a tough time finding reliable internet). On a sidenote - You take a lot of things for granted when you are in America, but in most countries even little things are big luxuries. There is one advantage though, and that is the fact that football coverage here is much greater than back in the states, so I've been able to watch a lot of the matches.

Enough excuses talk. The reason I'm writing this is that I've found a decent connection to the interwebs. You should be able to read decent coverage and more ridiculous articles from here on out, so get ready.