Martinez: We have no fear

Paul Thomas

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is relishing this weekend's FA Cup quarter-final with Arsenal and says his side know what to do in order to get victory.

In a interview filled with his usual optimism Martinez says last December's 1-1 draw at the Emirates has given the players the knowledge and belief that they can win at the ground for the first time in Saturday's lunchtime kick off.

Despite the game ending all square it was arguably Everton's finest performance of the season dominated possession Arsenal, something that rarely happens at the Emirates, and had the better chances.

Ask many Arsenal fans and they will agree that Everton have been the best side they have played against at home this season, perhaps barring Bayern Munich a fortnight ago (and even then Bayern were playing against 10 men for much of the match).

You can't hide from the fact though that Everton have not won away at Arsenal since 1996 and have never taken three points since their move to the Emirates Stadium.

But last week's win at West Ham and the goalscoring return on Romelu Lukaku appeared to click everything into gear again after a rocky few months and  suggests the team is ready to end the season on a high.

Martinez's comments certainly give a glimpse as to his preparation for this game, he is clearly trying to get the players to visualise winning and believing they are good enough - something David Moyes was accused of not being when he went to such stadiums.

Martinez said:

"It’s important for everyone to go somewhere and have a clear picture of what’s needed. The worse thing in football - and probably life - is the unknown.

"The fixture in December gave us all a clear indication of what's needed if you want to be successful at the Emirates, and I think it's reaching that level of perfection to which we aspire.

"In the past, when a team has been able to be successful at the Emirates, it's because they've been very clear in what they're doing and are perfect with it.

"It's going to be a fascinating game from every angle you want to look into. We all know Arsenal have been an outstanding team for many years now and this season, apart from the setback they had at the weekend they've been very, very consistent.

"Playing at home is a major factor for them and they're going to try to take advantage of that and bounce back from the weekend. If you wanted to find a bad time to play them, now is probably the moment.

"But if you want to be successful in any competition, you need to be able to adapt and find a way in the hardest moments. We're excited about that and we'll focus on ourselves to try to reach the level of perfection we'll need to if we want to get through."

So lads, you know what to do - go do it!!

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