Get To Know: Romelu Lukaku

We'll be glad to see Lukaku not attacking Tim Howard's goal this season - Alex Livesey

Everton picked up a couple of loan signings right at the end of the transfer window - here we feature Romelu Lukaku, who's here until the end of the season from Chelsea.

UPDATE: Lukaku will wear the #17 jersey at Everton

We were honored to speak with Graham MacAree, Lead Editor of SB Nation Soccer and also of SB Nation's Chelsea blog We Ain't Got No History about their beast of a striker Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian has been turning heads since last season in the Premier League when he scored 17 times in 35 appearances for defensive-minded West Bromwich Albion.

Position: Forward

Age: 20

Birth Date: May 13, 1993

Birth Place: Antwerp, Belgium (Belgian international, 21 caps)

Height: 1.90m

Weight: 94 kg


RBM - Tell us about Lukaku's style of play?

WAGNH - Lukaku is both stronger and faster than more or less every centre back in the Premier League. That makes him very difficult to play against -- he uses the speed to beat high lines and his sheer size to open up spaces against low blocks. He can hold up the ball and pass effectively as well.

RBM - What are his strengths?

WAGNH - His greatest strengths are his phyiscal attributes. He's almost impossible to get off the ball one on one. Defenders bounce off him. It's kind of hilarious.

RBM - How about his weaknesses?

WAGNH - His touch and finishing could use work, and he's not spectacular in the air yet. Those three traits have all improved significantly since he's been in England, however, and I'd expect that by the end of the year none of them are noticable as 'weaknesses'.

RBM - Any off-the-field issues we should know about?

WAGNH - Lukaku's a consumate professional. Seriously, he might have the best attitude I've ever heard of in a young 'star'. He's obsessed with football and deeply committed to improving, ignoring distractions that might derail him. No off-field problems at all.

RBM - Your closing thoughts?

WAGNH - Take good care of him. We'll be wanting him back.


Our thanks to Graham for taking the time to talk to us. Drop us your questions regarding Lukaku in the comments section and we'll forward them to Graham for his answers.

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