ToffeeLinks 24/09/12: Third Place in the Prem!!!

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Before we start with the links, a couple of changes. ToffeeLinks will now be a daily feature (due to popular demand, I guess). We will try to publish it around lunch time in England (Breakfast time in the US/Evening in Asia).

The comments section will also be an open thread from now on. This means that you can talk about about anything We would prefer the links or football in general, but it will be open for anything (just remember the community guidelines).

Also, if anyone finds any articles that seem interesting, you are always welcome to post it in the links, but you can create a FanPost or FanShot about it as well!

And on to the links!

Everton Links:

Everton manager David Moyes dreaming of Europe following destruction of Swansea City at Liberty Stadium - Telegraph
Cautious optimism is what I'd call this. Especially because Moyes is saying getting 40 points is the first step. Really, Moyes? Really? We may need to dream higher like Champions League. You can't achieve something if it's not a goal. Or maybe he just doesn't want to admit it as a goal to the public.

More links after the jump.

Everton players sense they’re on the brink of a special season, says midfielder Steven Pienaar - Chester Chronicle
I feel like players say these kinds of things every year, but it's good that players are believing. You need confidence in order to win consistently.

Leighton Baines says current Everton side is 'as good as I have played in' - The Independent
Again with this time Baines praising the quality of this year's side. I just think that this is a standard thing players say when things are going well.

Victor Follows The Jelavic Road -
Jelavic seems to be more than scoring just goals for Everton. Anichebe is learning Jelavic's movement in order to become a more effective and efficient goalscorer. I really didn't expect this from Anichebe. Impressive.

Magic Numbers: Leeds -
Some statistics heading into the next Capital One Cup tie in Elland Road. It's going to be a hard place to play and win at.

Around the Prem:

John Terry retires from international football - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
"John Terry has sensationally quit England less than 24 hours before the FA's hearing into the Anton Ferdinand saga was expected to begin."

Brendan Rodgers: Mark Halsey cost Liverpool the game against Manchester United |
"Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers complained referee Mark Halsey cost his side the game after their 2-1 defeat to Manchester United" -- Whining and complaining from Liverpool as usual. Take your losses like men.

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