Moyes Leaving Would Be A Disaster For Club and Manager

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 21: Everton manager David Moyes during an Everton training session at Finch Farm on October 21, 2011 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

This is second of a two-part series look at the potential departure of David Moyes from Everton. This series will look at both the pros and cons of Moyes leaving from two perspectives. We will take a look at this debate from a view of how Moyes would be affected personally, as well as how the club would be affected by his departure. In the final installment, Brian takes a look at how disastrous a move from Everton would be for Moyes and the club


That line from the wonderful movie Animal House may be a good way to describe the state of Everton if David Moyes heads to White Hart Lane. Moyes became one of the most beloved Everton managers during his tenure, and without him it is depressing to think of where the club would be today.

For Everton, the loss of David Moyes could be catastrophic. It is no secret that a section of Evertonians feels like Moyes is over rated and needs to be shown the door, but our response has always been; if you fire a manager, who is a manager that is an upgrade over Moyes, and would also be willing to take the job. In our mind one doesn’t come to mind, so despite his deficiencies, Moyes is the best man for Everton. By losing him the club is forced into settling for a manager of lesser quality, or taking a big leap of faith on an unproven name.

Another problem for Everton is the money situation. The lack of funds at the club has been hammered to death, but any new manager will have to deal with a small transfer budget, and selling our best players to bring in any new blood. Moyes on the other hand is used to these problems, and has thrived in the transfer market for the most part. By losing him it is possible our club will lose its best players, and not replace them with suitable talent.

For Moyes, the move to Spurs is not exactly filled with butterflies and rainbows. If he leaves he will be moving to a club that has come to expect Champions League contention each year. He will also be dealing with the massive egos of high-priced players. Moyes is known for his no-nonsense approach to managing, and this style could rub some of the stars the wrong way. Just ask Chelsea fans what happens when you have disgruntled players.

Heading down to London would also deprive Moyes of the authority to sign players. Mr. Levy is the man in charge of transfers at White Hart Lane, and although Moyes would be able to offer his opinions on players, his responsibility would be reduced. Levy would have the final say, which might not sit well with a man who is currently allowed to spend the money in his meager budget however he sees fit.

There is also the question of comfort for Moyes. The gaffer has been in charge for a decade and seems to have a comfort level with Everton. Though some players and managers are always looking for the next best thing, it is possible Moyes has found a home at Everton, and changing clubs at this juncture would throw him off his game. With rumors of Manchester United or Scotland being in his future, it could be a disservice to himself for Moyes to make the jump to a new club. If he feels the chance of failure is to high then going wouldn’t be very smart.

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