A Rational Look At The Potential Loss of Moyes

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - APRIL 03: Everton manager David Moyes during an Everton training session at Goodison Park on April 3, 2012 in Liverpool, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

In 2 months the EPL will begin play for a 21st season, and Everton will attempt to improve on a 7th place finish, regardless of who the manager. In the end the sun will still rise and set, Everton and Liverpool will battle in the Merseyside Derby, and Manchester City is a team filled with high-priced jerks. The point is that whomever the manager is at Everton Football Club, the world will not end.

Today Harry Redknapp appeared to depart from Tottenham, and immediately the internet began to buzz with rumors of David Moyes being headed to White Hart Lane. Certain companies have suspended betting while football reporters have reported everything from the two clubs having compensation talks to Moyes not even being the top candidate in the search. The point is it really doesn't matter. Will Everton be hurt with the loss of Moyes? Possibly, It is also possible that Everton will emerge from this in an even better position.

When David Moyes was hired as Everton manager, many fans' initial thought was, 'Who is this guy." It seemed odd for a club with the history of Everton to dip down into the lower levels of professional football, but the move has paid off in spades. Before Moyes joined up the club had endured years of relegation fights and depressing seasons.

The knock against Moyes is that he hasn't won anything, but his net spending per year is about 2.4 million pounds. Ask Sir Alex to do his job with that kind of budget and see where Manchester United would be. While Moyes reign will always be considered incomplete without silverware, it is very likely the Toffees would have spent multiple seasons in the Championship without his leadership.

Looking back, Moyes has firmly established Everton as one of the better teams in the EPL, and now Evertonians are beginning to expect the club to be in contention for the Europa League, and many fans would argue we have the talent to be on the periphery of the Champions League.

The right replacement will be able to continue Mr. Moyes' work. With bargain buys and developing the youth team, Everton can continue with their current run of play as we hold out hope for an owner who can pay down the debt and invest in the squad.

Thie ideal candidate should Moyes leave will not be easy to find. Mr. Lambert would have been ideal before he left Norwich for Aston Villa as was Chris Hughton who replaced Lambert, and Rodgers before leaving for Liverpool and Martinez would likely have required a season or two of growing pains in transitioning to a more free flowing side.

If Moyes leaves then Everton may be forced to turn to the Championship ranks for a manager. It will require a leap of faith in an era that rewards quick success and penalizes failure all to quickly, but we could find another gem there, or maybe Sir Alex can help us out in retirement.

My final point is to just remember that Everton will still remain. With or without Moyes there will still be struggles to overcome. The banks will ask for money, Kenwright will mismanage things, and our manager will have to make do with little. But it has been a long strange trip these past few years, and the only thing that is certain is that it will continue. COYB!

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