Everton vs. Wigan Athletic : Q&A with Pie Eaters Footie

Clive Mason

RBM's Q&A with SB Nation Wigan blog Pie Eaters Footie ahead of the Boxing Day game at Goodison Park.

We last spoke to Kieran of Pie Eaters Footie in early October, when Everton went on to draw 2-2 at Wigan Athletic. He has since updated us on what has been going on at the DW Stadium in that time.

RBM - It's been close to three months since Wigan and Everton drew 2-2 at the DW Stadium. Since then things seem to have gone from bad to worse, and Wigan are still rooted in the relegation spots. What's been going on?
PEF - Injuries galore, we have had so many players coming and going from the injury room it's untrue. Each week a different line up plays ad that doesn't help consistency, couple that with a drop in form of our attackers and you see the consequences of our slide to the bottom of the premier league.

It has felt a bit ominous for past month, we have played well and failed to convert our chances, much the same as last year. Hopefully it will all come good again.

RBM - Roberto Martinez called out the ref after the Arsenal game. Everton have had lots of grief this season at the officials' hands. What are your feelings regarding the level of refereeing this season in general?

PEF - We have had some really good referees and then really poor ones. What upsets Wigan fans most is lack of inconsistency against us, something which is a yellow card for our player may not be for the opposition player. That really gets annoying especially when we are on top in games.
At the weekend it was just appalling refereeing. Mr Moss seemed to give any slight touch as a foul if the player went down, our players stay on their feet so we don't get fouls!

RBM - The January transfer window is almost upon us. What are the biggest areas of need for Wigan? Who are the players they have been linked with so far?

PEF - Well it appear we have to two already on their way. Roger Espinoza is coming on a free from MLS club Kansas City, which many of us feel is a steal after his performance in the Olympic Games. The other man we are chasing is Manchester United's teenage Chilean striker Angel Hernandez, who looks to be coming on loan.
We have been linked with three other players, as to who will come on, only time will tell. But another striker and a defender would be really helpfully at the moment.

RBM - After the penalties heartbreak in the League Cup, Wigan have been handed a pretty comfortable home tie in the FA Cup against AFC Bournemouth. Will Martinez double his efforts in the Cup to ensure some sort of success this season?

PEF - No I think it will be the young/reserves given their chance to shine. If we were mid-table we may go for it, but Premier League survival has to be the most important thing first.
Once we start looking like we are safe then we can focus on doing well in the cup competitions.

RBM - Finally, a score prediction for Wednesday's game? Who do you foresee shining, and what do you expect from the two teams?

PEF - 2-1 to Latics I feel. It time we got a win and going somewhere like Goodison and winning is something we would do.
For us I can only see James McCarthy continue his fine form this season, he has been by far our best player winning every tackle and getting forward to create chances.
From Everton, I think Latics will have I watch Steven Pienaar. In the previous fixture he caused us a lot of problems on the left hand side, and I can see that happening again.

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