To B.U or not To B.U

If you go one the various Everton forums, there is one topic of conversation which dominates the discussion nowadays and it’s not which player we are signing (we don’t make that many of them anyway!). It’s unfortunately what I would describe as that little bit of shit on your shoe you just can’t get rid of no matter how hard you scrub, yes ladies and gentleman we are talking about everyone’s super supporters group the Blue Union.

Now from the off let me say, I and the majority of blues know we need change, we know Bill just doesn’t have the finances to compete nowadays and we know he needs to sell, Bill knows this as well but apparently this isn’t good enough for a bunch of blues who have took it upon themselves to pretend they know better than a guy who has built up a small fortune in a highly competitive business. A question, how many shares do the BU leaders own between them? A pertinent question given the guy they think is incompetent has managed to somehow through his incompetence and mismanagement acquired 25% of the clubs shares. Not bad for an alleged idiot if you ask me!

So what exactly are we supporting if we join the band of merry men that is Blue Union, free cake is the obvious and goes without saying. The chance to go to various bars around the city centre and sit cramped with a bunch of sweaty men, you may even get the chance to listen to a guy who compares Everton to Spurs, a London based, billionaire owned club with 120 boxes compared to our 6. Not what I would call a fair comparison but eh it keeps him off the street while his mate runs Blue Union.

So what have the BU brought to the table? Answer nothing. They have ruined what little communication fans had when they shit on the club through taping a conversation with Mr Kenwright then have the cheek and stupidity to say the club don’t talk to them. They are so professional they organised a private meeting at the clubs Park End parking lot and asked the Chairman some great questions like “How much you selling for Bill?”, do you mean to tell me he hasn’t told a bunch of scallies shouting through a gate how much the club is going for? What is the business world coming to when we can’t conduct private company information through a steel fence…shocking!

Which brings me on to my final point, apparently if you don’t kiss their arse and think everything BU does then you get subjected to a level of abuse normally only reserved for that lot across the park, as far as am concerned were all Everton fans, and this type of abuse will never win them support. The Blue Union have brought nothing positive to the table and never will, mainly due to being run by a bunch of wannabee media whores and 2nd because they have attracted little support from the match going Everton fans who don’t want to hear an amateur clueless organisation pipe up every time the club release an official statement.

Blue Union either bring something positive to the table or crawl back under the rock you emerged from, either way you’re getting tiresome.

(A troubled Blue)

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