Fellaini should be sold for the team to thrive

Blasphemy some people will say.  However, I think there are some legitimate reasons to sell him this transfer window (and 15 million pounds would be good enough). 

First, the team does not really need him (I will show evidence to back that claim up).  Second, we have plenty of players to fill his position.  Third, while he has shown flashes of brilliance – he is over-rated with lapses in discipline.  Fourth, He only has two years left on his contract with an annoying Champions League seeking father. And finally Fifth, he is injury prone. 

1) The team has performed better the last two seasons without Fellaini on the pitch – FACT. 

In the 2010-11 Premier League season Fellaini made 20 appearances (as a starter or substitute).  During his time on the pitch, Everton got a measly 24 points.  Averaging 1.2 points a game with Fellaini.  Without Fellaini, Everton in 18 games got 30 points.  Averaging 1.67 points per game.  Simply put Everton got better results without Fellaini on the pitch.

This is not a one season occurrence.  During the 2009-10 Premier League  season, Fellaini made 23 league game appearances (as a starter or substitute).  In those games Fellaini played, Everton they scored 33 points averaging 1.43 points per game.   But Everton again had better results without Fellaini.  In the 15 games without Fellaini in the lineup, Everton managed 28 points for an average of 1.87 points per game. 

To recap Everton has gotten better results (more points) without Fellaini in the lineup the last two seasons. 

2)  Everton has multiple players who can fill in for Fellaini as a defensive midfielder or attacking player.  Since Fellaini has only managed about half a season the past two years, Everton has been forced to fill his role.  Rodwell, Neville and Heitinga have all filled in as a defensive midfielder.  They have done so admirably.  We have the flexibility of multiple players who can fill that role.

Occasionally Moyes will play Fellaini in an advance role like a support striker, probably due to his height.  However, he has 3 league goals in the last two seasons.  I maybe mistaken, but I cannot remember a header knock on to setup a goal by Fellaini.  And I can remember one from Anichebe in the Derby last year.  I think Cahill, Osman, Saha/Beckford (when both on the field) or even Bily would be better suited to the support striker position.

3)  Fellaini is over-rated and subject to immature moments.  For some reason people think he bosses the midfield from box to box.  He can and he has, yes… But he fails to provide good passes on most occasions.  He will also commit silly fouls after losing possession with a bad pass.  I sometimes like his bull in a china shop way of hounding the ball.  But inevitably you know he is going to commit a foul or worse get carded when he goes on the rampage. 

He does a good job some games as a stopper before the opposition gets to the back four.  He makes a lot of tackles and can win headers often with his height.  But he often commits rash challenges.  He will lose his man collapsing on another allowing space for attackers in our final third.  And he gets stupid, I mean stupid, red cards for no reason (Bolton).  While he is talented, he gives the ball away to much, does little to help us on set ball pieces and will be red carded when we least need it.

4)  Fellaini’s contract is up in two seasons and we have regular media reports every few months from his father about him being looked at by some Champions League team.  Seriously his father’s comments read like a mad-lib with Fellaini coveted by insert team (like Barca or Real Madrid).  Now is the time to sell if he is not willing to sign a new contract.  Everton is skint and needs money.  They can ill afford another Pienaar or god forbid another Gosling situation.  If there is no new deal before to the end of this transfer period, sell him now to get the most possible before his value goes down (due to his contract expiring).  Otherwise Everton lose precious money that they can ill afford to lose - again.

5)  Finally Fellaini has been too injury prone to be counted on.  He has only played in 20-23 league games the past two years.  There are reports that he may not be ready until October for the upcoming season.  Fellaini’s injuries make him a luxury not to be counted and that is a luxury Everton cannot afford.  His brash style for tackling is a recipe for future injuries.  I feel his pattern of fit for 3 months and out for 2 is going to be Fellaini’s annual story.

For all the above reasons, I think Everton should sell Fellaini now.  His transfer could help Everton land some players like N’Zogbia and Shane Long.  Or Everton could get any number of players that can have an impact on the squad right now.  Fellaini’s contract with only 2 years remaining on it makes time of the essence.  Everton gets better results without Fellaini on the pitch and Everton can fill his absence with the current squad. 

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