Top 5 Worst Games of the Season

BOLTON ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 13: Everton Manager David Moyes looks on prior to the Barclays Premier League match between Bolton Wanderers and Everton at the Reebok Stadium on February 13 2011 in Bolton England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Continuing with our season review, today we are going to have a look at the 5 worst games of Everton's season. As always there were a lot of candidates, and the biggest factor to define the worst games of the season came down to the teams effort and performance. Plenty of games ended in draws when they should have been victories, or losses that should have been draws, but if the squad didn't put in the effort, then it truly was a disappointing game. So click below the jump and you can find our 5 worst games of the season, and vote in the poll for what you feel was the worst game of the season.

5. Away at Aston Villa 1-0 Loss

This was the classic example of game that Everton dominated, but couldn't grab 3 points from. The Toffees held a clear advantage in possession with 68% to Villa's 32%. Unfortunately this was a perfect example of how misleading possession is as a statistic, as Everton were  unable to convert several golden opportunities. Luke Young managed to score early on a pass from Ashley Young, and the hosts were able to hold on to secure all three points.

4. Away at Brentford 1-1 Loss (4-3) PKs

For their second match in the Carling Cup, Everton were drawn away to Brentford in a match that should have seen the squad secure a comfortable victory. David Moyes rested multiple regulars, but the hosts match a weakened Everton squad in a game that seemed to be the highlight of their season. Once again the squad failed to convert multiple chances and in the end a Jags penalty bounced of the post to give the home side the victory on penalty kicks.

3. Home vs. West Brom 4-1 Loss

This may have been  one of the biggest disappointments for the season given that the games was at home against a side that most people tipped to get relegated this season. The biggest problem with this game was that everything that seemed to go wrong did go wrong. Balls bounced the wrong way off the post, players were sent off under questionable circumstances, and even then Everton still had a chance till late in the game. This game was more depressing because of this rather than any lack of effort put in by the squad.

2. Away at Stoke City 2-0 Loss

This loss to Stoke City hurt because of the momentum Everton had been beuilding up before this game. After the loss to West Brom, Everton managed to draw at Chelsea, draw  against Wigan, and beat Manchester City away. Unfortunately Stoke's style of play proved to be too much for an Everton defense that succumbed two times. Other than that the Toffees played fairly well, but were unable to convert there chances.

1. Away at Bolton 2-0 Loss

This is without a doubt the runaway winner for the worst game of the season. After resurrecting their campaign with a quality January and an early half of February, everything came unraveled at the Reebok Stadium. This was the first time that David Moyes seemed at a complete loss for what to do. His facial expressions betrayed a man who wanted to just walk off the pitch without even finishing the game. There was no silver lining in this game, it was just a thorough beating. I really don't have anything good to say other than it hopefully served as a wakeup call to the team for the rest of the season.


As always leave your thoughts and comments below, and make sure to vote in our poll, what do you think the worst game of the season was? Until next time COYB!

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