Experimental stage is over

It is the worst start of the team in top flight in 16 years.  The last time we had a worse start was 1994 - 1995 season.  Manchester United was the defending champs and Andy Cole was signed midway of the season for a then record of £7M.  We did not have a win in the first 12 games.  The season is still young but if we continue this landslide, relegation is a very real possibility.



Forget about January, we need to fix this internally right now.  So let's identify our problems.  From a statistic point of view, we have played 5 games, 0 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties for a whooping 2 points.  Our goal difference is -2.  The losses that we have suffered were against Blackburn, Villa and Newcastle.  We tied with Wolves and Man United.  Of all the losses that we have, only the Villa match should be competitive.  Blackburn and Newcastle, though not cake walks, are teams that we should beat.  We are not scoring enough goals, and our defence, whilst still solid, are at times suspect.

But there are way more problems that lie underneath the surface.


Saha is injured (what else is new), Yakubu isn't in form and Beckford is, well, Beckford.  The way that we play relies on having someone up top who can hold up the ball and battle in the air.  Beckford does not fit the description.  Even though he had a decent record at Leeds, we have seen time and again that success for attackers hardly translates automatically in top flight.  As for depth, we have to put Fellaini and Cahill up front.  Enough said.


Sorely missing Phil in the first games.  Defensively, Phil is still better than other players who had been deployed there in his absence.  Fellaini runs around with no energy, Heitinga is a much better center back than an anchor, Rodwell is still very green.  Phil might just be the sparkplug to turn this woeful form around.

Width is lacking on the right side.  Baines and Pineaar are fostering a decent partnership on the left side but offence from the right in virtually non existent.  Hibbert is a good defender but his crosses are rubbish.  I think Coleman should take over the spot, or even start as a winger?  Arteta needs someone with poise and strength to play behind him.  Maybe that is the reason why Heitinga has been slotted in there.  It is not working however.  Arteta is someone that I think would play better on the wing.  He can still cut in to create room for the full back to make overlaps on the flank.  And he needs to improve on his deadballs, which have been subpar all season.


Distin should not start.  Even though he has decent ball playing skills and height, he is slowfooted and has been exposed quite a bit this season.  Heitinga and Jagielka should be good enough, unless we are facing Peter Crouch or Zigic.  Both are current internationals and they have pace and good positioning.  Baines has been good but Hibbert can be substituted with Coleman.  Coleman is really promising and should be given an extended run.


He is fine.

Well not everything is gloomy.  Even if we do go on a bad run, we have enough quality to avoid relegation.  Just like 94-95.  That was the year I fell in love with Everton and yeah they beat Manchester United that year to win their last trophy to date.



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